G.A. Bove Fuels has been in business for over 80 years by being a reliable and reputable business. We believe in providing customers with only quality products.With the high price of kerosene in today’s market, G.A. Bove fuels offer an alternative solution. Our winter blend product is our premium fuel oil with an additive called Subzero.

With using our winterblend, the homeowner benefits by the elimination of using expensive kerosene, thus saving you money.


Subzero is an economical way to assure cold flow of heating oil and diesel fuel when the temperature drops.

  • Lowers Pour Point by as much as 40F as it has an industrial strength Pour Point Depressant that helps to eliminate the use of kerosene blending with common home heating oil.
  • Disperses Water to help reduce the possibility of water freeze ups in the fuel delivery lines.
  • Prevents ice crystals from forming by using a state of the art jet aircraft deicing component
  • Wax Anti-Settling Agent that helps keep wax crystals that are naturally found in heating oil and start to form when the heating oil gets to or below its Cloud Point from forming into larger groups over an extended period of time.
  • Fuel Stabilizer that helps to prevent heating oil from breaking down which could cause equipment malfunction and/or inefficient operation of heating system. Also benefits by the fact that fuel oil will last longer in tank.

Information courtesy of GLOBAL companies, LLC

**Dyed Kerosene and K1 Kerosene also available upon customer request.

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