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How to Choose the Right Type of Fuel for Your Needs

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September 16, 2019
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With a wide variety of fuel options to choose from, how do you know if you’re selecting the right type for your needs and budget? G.A. Bove Fuels offers multiple different types of fuel in order to be able to provide you with the one that suits each and every one of your needs!


Propane can be used for home heating, hot water, fireplaces, generators, and more! An affordable and cleaner alternative to other heating oils, many home and business owners choose propane. Propane is cheaper than standard electricity and is more efficient than natural gas. With incredible versatility, propane is always a great choice.

Heating Oil

Many households throughout the Mechanicville, Clifton Park, and Saratoga Springs area, as well as thousands throughout the United States, use heating oil to heat their homes and businesses. Able to heat both space and water, heating oil works safely, quickly, and is cost-effective.


Gasoline can be used for a variety of marine, off-road, and 2 and 4-cycle engines. Both gasoline and heating oil are created from crude oil, but the distilling processes are slightly different.

Diesel Fuels

Diesel fuel is generally used for vehicle engines but is also an acceptable replacement for home heating oil in most furnaces. Both diesel and heating oil produce roughly the same amount of heat but can be on the more expensive side.

Dry Creek Pellets

If you are concerned about your budget, dry creek pellet fuel is a great choice. On average, pellets cost 25-50% less than fossil heating fuels and the price stays generally stable. Wood pellets cause less wear and tear on your wood stove, and also leave less waste behind. A more sustainable choice than propane, electricity, or kerosene, dry creek pellets are a great choice for your home heating needs!

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