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July 2, 2021

A letter from John’s desk..

Congratulations to all our customers, the 2022-2023 season will go down as one of the warmest winters since weather has been recorded in the area. Two great things will happen because of this. Number one is most everybody will have used less fuel this winter than last winter. That also means your overall heating costs will be lower than originally thought going into the fall of 2022. It also looks like the cost of fuel going into the winter of 2023-2024 will be LOWER. So, this warm weather brings a win-win situation. In this economic environment every little win is worth something.

Now let me go over something called a “dead cat bounce”. A saying that still today makes me giggle when I hear it. A saying that sounds made up but has real meaning in the investment world. My concern is that the energy markets were overpriced in the fall with speculation about supply and demand. Very warm winter means over supply and lower demand, the market falls. This is what is anticipated for next season.

With the government trying to phase out liquid energy this is an anticipated trend. But if a normal winter occurs and demand goes up energy prices will jump up. “A dead cat bounce will occur. “To avoid this be on the look out for our 2023-2024 fixed and budget pricing.

John V Bove JR

Budget & Prepay Season is Right around the corner!

The 2022-2023 contract season is close to the end, May 31st! Budget customers are auto renewed and will be receiving their new monthly budget letter to start in June. Please be on the lookout for this letter via email or if we do not have your email on file, it will be mailed! Prepay contracts will also start to go out around this time as well through the mail.

Why go on a budget plan?
The budget plan takes an estimate of how much you are going to spend for the entire heating season & then divides the total cost into monthly payments. This spreads out your heating cost throughout the season.

We also offer auto payment plans, where we set your account to automatically deduct your monthly budget payment from a debit/credit card each month. Any service plans can also be added to your monthly budget payments.
If you’ve never signed up for one of pricing contracts, please contact one of our offices by phone or via email at customerservice@nullbovefuels.com

Questions & Answers asked about our programs:

How long are the programs valid for?
Programs start in June and pricing ends May 31st or until the gallons are used, whichever comes first. *Please note automatic deliveries continue regardless of pricing structure and plan renewals.

How is gallon amount figured on a budget plan?
The budget plans are calculated by taking an average of the last 2 to 3 heating seasons. This is only an estimate on your typical usage. If things have changed in your home and you feel you are going to use more gallons, please reach out so we can refigure your budget payments.

How do you figure the monthly payment for budget?
There are no additional fees to sign up for our budget plan! The math is very simple, we take the average usage and times it by the lock in price offered. We simply then divide it out into monthly payments to have the estimated usage paid by the end of the season- May 31st.

What if I don’t use all my contracted gallons?
If you do not use all the gallons that were contracted by the end of the season, you will be left with a credit balance on your account. *Please note the credit reverts to dollars not gallons after May 31st. This credit balance can be used towards the next season, either by deducting the amount owed upfront for your prepay or lowering your monthly budget plan.
Budget example: 1,000 gallons locked in at $3.00 would be $3,000 for the season. Divide that by 12 months (June/May) for a monthly payment $250. If you had a $500 credit on account that would be deducted from the $3,000 estimated cost to $2,500 then divided by 12 would bring payments down to $208 per month.

What if I go over my contracted gallons?
Any deliveries made over contract will be priced at daily market rate and payment will be due within 30 days from the date of delivery.

Will my price change throughout the season?
No, your contracted gallons are locked in for the season at the fixed agreed upon rate. We purchased these gallons through our supplier at the beginning of the season, so the rate will not fluctuate regardless of market.

Our Budget and Prepay Programs For the 2023-2024 season

Prepay Plan is the lowest pricing plan we can offer for the season, and you will be locked into the price for the season till May 31st or until the money on the contract runs out, whichever comes first.

The Budget Plan is a great option to lock in your price for the season and have your payments spread across the season. This helps prevent getting hit with a large delivery bill in the middle of winter, as your payments have been spread out helping to build credit on your account for future deliveries. This is also a convenient plan as it auto renews each season, as you will receive a new monthly budget payment amount at the beginning of each season.

Offering around the clock emergency service, budget and pre-pay plans, expert installation and repairs, Bove Fuels is your local source for all your heating and cooling needs. For more information on our products and service call (518)664-5111 or visit www.bovefuels.com.

Don’t wait till winter to get your heating system cleaned!

Keeping your heating appliance clean and tuned increases its energy efficiency and can save you on your annual heating bill. Regular maintenance on your heating system can also detect possible issues and help prevent emergency service calls. We specialize in tuning: furnaces, boilers, water heaters, as well as A/C units.

Our Trained Technicians Will:

  • Inspect/Vacuum Heat Exchanger
  • Lubricate Motors/Bearings
  • Check/Set Fuel Pressure
  • Replace Fuel Filter (Oil/Air)
  • Replace Nozzle
  • Adjust/Clean Burner(s)
  • Inspect Flue Pipe/Vacuum
  • Check/Adjust Controls
  • Check/Set Water Pressure (Boilers)
  • Check/Drain Expansion Tank (Boilers)
  • Perform Efficiency Test

Greetings to our valued customers:

Service Reminder

I wanted to take a few minutes to let everyone know how important it is to us to provide great services to all our customers. As everyone knows the world is just a little different than it used to be, maybe challenging is a good word, and like a lot of other companies and businesses- we feel it here. Materials and parts are becoming tougher to get in a timely manner, and with the labor market being as tight as it is, timelines are harder to keep! With all that being said and all the challenges we face, we still offer 24/7 service, including holidays. We employ a dedicated night service technician also.

We feel we can offer a better service when our day techs are fresh and not overworked. When cold weather is upon us our team knows it’s all handson deck. My motto is “If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.” So, we work pretty hard at keeping our customers. We are offering a discounted Clean & Tune Special for March & April- $20 discount with a free fuel filter. Regular price is $189.90 plus parts and tax – Special is $169.80 plus tax, with free oil/air filter. Any additional parts will be billable.

Jim Brennan
(Service Manger)

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